Urban Murcia Participation

The Participation Forum is joint consultation process to foster commitment to collective objectives. This forum was created, in the framework of the Urban Initiative, on 25 June 2009.  
Associations, groups and individuals participated together with representatives of the city council. The meeting agreed on the structure and procedure for supporting and developing the project.
The main vehicles are: General meetings, Working groups and Encounters.

1. General meetings
The purpose of these meetings is to inform citizens of the latest developments, debate issues and make new proposals.

2. Working groups
Their aim is to work more closely on matters of special interest to citizens e.g. education, urban development, living-together (co-existence), etc.

3. Encounters
These are plenary meetings that bring together all aspects of the project, demonstrating and providing feedback on stage results.

Third Encounter (26th November 2015)

The third participatory encounter was held on 26 November 2015. Its objective was for each participant to reflect on and evaluate his or her own experience of the process of transformation in the neighbourhood. This change was personal, collective and external. Therefore a walk-through cardboard symbolic model of the neighbourhood was built in the recently opened Sports and Cultural Events Centre. There were 6 totems for 6 groups of participants. These totems contained about 250 photographs divided into 3 categories: activities, facilities and people.  Each participant had to choose 6 photographs using each category.  They chose the most meaningful photographs and placed these in the model.  The purpose was to get a visual and practical impression of their feelings how they themselves are living their space.  All of these selected photographs gave a comprehensive picture of the project outcomes as a whole. 

Third Encounter Pictures

Second Encounter (23, 24 and 25th July 2015)

Second EncounterThe second encounter was held over 23, 24 and 25 July 2015 in the Cultural Centre, Urban Centre and Social Services Centre.  Its aim was to ensure that every citizen was made aware of the project achievements.

Participants were able to share their experiences of their different activities and put forward new ones.

Encounters consist of working groups and plenary sessions. The former were structured around 3 exhibitions whose themes were improving the urban space, improving the economic environment and improving the social and cultural milieu. The exhibitions contained photographs, objects created in the different activities, and participation results.

The plenary session was held within the annual gala festival.  There were 8 citizen participants and 4 project staff members. Together, they explained the results in short presentations to the public.

Second Encounter Pictures




First Encounter (6th March 2010)

First EncounterThe first encounter was held on 6 March 2010 at the "José Planes" Secondary School. Its aim was to inform everyone about the project in terms of strategic lines of action, opinions of the citizens and different vehicles of participation. In addition, it aimed to check specific areas of interest and encourage further participation.

About a hundred citizens took part in the different working groups.  These included culture and education, urban environment, social inclusion and employment, as well as participation and ITC.  The objective of the groups was to bring participants together in their areas of interest and to affirm their commitment.

First Encounter Pictures


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