URBAN Murcia. District of Espíritu Santo

The project strategy consists of regenerating the urban district of Espíritu Santo using an integral approach by consolidating culture and cultural diversity as a key factor of urban development and the information society, and as a motor for other policies.  

The integral approach for urban regeneration entails considering the physical, social and economic dimension, which must interact at one time.

General view

Improving the physical space. The aim of this activity is to achieve an attractive physical space, by providing quality cultural, social and educational services that will enable local citizens to identify with their community and serve as a pole of attraction for the rest of the city. An artistic production and cultural centre will be built, in addition to a cultural business nursery which will be the flagship of the district. The district will also be equipped with attractive unoccupied areas and gardens will be improved by installing trees and sufficient lighting with energy-saving devices and rubbish containers will be buried to make the area more attractive and healthier, in addition to ensuring the protection of the environment. 

Improving the social and cultural environment. The objective is to eliminate situations of exclusion and isolation in the district, promoting cultural diversity through the creative potential of its citizens and creating links between citizens in order to improve co-existence and social cohesion. The measures taken in this respect will be based on coordinated programmes on social inclusion, the development of social and cultural programmes for vulnerable groups, artistic and cultural training programmes for all segments of the population, including the educational field and training activities to encourage the use of ICT, the incorporation of digital technologies in the home as well as the promotion of technological literacy among citizens. 

Improving the economic environment. The objective is to revitalise the economy of the district through the development of cultural and creative industries as a strategic resource and a driving force in urban regeneration. The measures in this field are aimed at improving job opportunities for people, increasing employment resources and fostering economic activity. A cultural business nursery will be set up to support entrepreneurs during the first years of operation of the businesses, and a service will be established to promote conciliation between professional and family life and to provide job opportunities for people with family responsibilities, particularly women: 

The procedures and methods used to achieve these three levels of improvement (the environments and their physical, socio-cultural and economic realities) involve the need to establish a close inter-relation between environmental efficiency, technological innovation as regards information and knowledge and the creation and consolidation of stable mechanisms for social and citizen participation in the whole process of designing, developing and evaluating the project, while consolidating the equality perspective in all areas during the different phases.

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